learning HTML and CSS interactively

What is it about?

The website mosaik teaches the programming languages HTML and CSS interactively and simply. Users can explore design pos­sibilities through trial and error, expanding their skills in the field of interaction and web design. With this knowl­edge, they can communicate their designs in a pro­fes­sion­al way when seeking jobs. The website has four ar­eas: ba­sic principles, library, tips and fo­rum. Ba­sic principles impart the rules of HTML and CSS through short interactive lec­tures. The library offers vocab­ulary through vi­su­al examples the us­er can experi­ment with. In the tips area, one can find useful information about web design, while the fo­rum cre­ates a platform for exchang­ing ideas be­tween users. mosaik pro­vides a free and easy opportunity for ev­eryone to learn at their own pace.

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mosaik is live as a fully functional prototype. Have a look yourself at: