interdisciplinary exchange

What is it about?

con­text is an in­ter­disciplinary platform and tool which improves and enables the exchange and communication of information and knowl­edge be­tween differ­ent fields of sci­ence, technology and econ­o­my. In­spired by the human perception, con­text focuses on se­lecting very spe­cif­ic information, carefully tar­geted on the us­er’s special needs. In addition, the adequate vi­su­alization and a nat­ural artic­u­lation of data elim­inate comprehen­sion prob­lems. By ref­erenc­ing and connecting information be­tween differ­ent discip­lines, con­text cre­ates a new network of knowl­edge and encour­ages divergent approaches to new and fa­mil­iar fields.